Julia Gartha is a pop singer/songwriter from Ontario, Canada who is taking the music world by storm. As a 24 year-old Berklee graduate she broke onto the professional music scene early - as a music director and vocal soloist for Oscar and Grammy winning composer A.R. Rahman. Julia has also performed for the likes of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Sylvia Rhone (Epic Records).


GRAMMY winning vocal coaches and producers are singing Julia’s praises after listening to her most popular single "Serendipity" with Singaporean singer/songwriter LEW. They say her vocals are beautiful, authentic, and a “Breath of fresh air.” Soak up Julia’s luxurious  soprano voice and fascinating musical storytelling by listening to “Serendipity” here. The Spotify streams for the single have surpassed 1.4 million streams so far. 


As a classically trained pianist, music quickly became her way of communication and it opened doors. By combining Julia’s vocal talent with her piano and keyboard skills, she began writing original music and arranging cover tunes. Julia was selected to perform with Larry Klein (Joni Mitchell) and Rob Lewis (Toni Braxton, Christina Aguilera). She was a featured Artist on the Canadian reality music competition series broadcast by CTV’s “The Launch” with Scott Borchetta and Juno Award winning artist Jann Arden. This year Julia was Casio America’s January Spotlight Artist for 2020, and is an official Casio Artist. 

"This track showcases LEW's signature pensive style together with Julia Gartha's feather-light voice, as they sing together about the ephemerality of human connection"

- Vanessa Mostafa, Asia Live 365 

"Canadian singer-songwriter, Julia Gartha, debuted a few weeks ago with her single "Can't Change You" and it's nothing short of captivating"

- Nathan Irving ,We Found New Music